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We developed  in January 2000 after spending 10 years implementing some of the world's largest e-commerce systems for Fortune 100 companies.  We noticed that internet technology had advanced to the point where some of our client's most sophisticated information systems - things like advanced order processing, customer relationship management, marketing and campaign management and much more - could now be developed simply and efficiently on the web.

The PROBLEM: Those with experience in web technologies (like internet Hosting companies) couldn't develop applications that were efficient and easy to use.  And those with strong application development knowledge were baffled by the hardware administration and networking necessary to run efficient web applications.  

So we put our hardware, software and educational technology consultants together and began opening our own data centers - first to host our client's web infrastructure then gradually to offer our service to new customers.  

Our first version of - was a simple way for small businesses to market, sell and ship their products on line with a secured shopping cart.   BLUTO Sports began as a favor to one of our friends who was having a miserable time dealing with their internet service provider. Our consultants (who are also sports fanatics) had such a fun time supporting our sports customers, that we rolled out a sports version of Bluto in 2003. We continue to add more and more sports to our product portfolio.  After several enhancements, we now offer some of the most sophisticated functionality on the web.

Yet, we don't believe that sophistication means that your site should be hard to administer.  Our goal is to develop web applications so that anyone with basic computer experience can implement a sophisticated web site.

Just follow the Bluto Wizard and you'll be up and running in minutes.  In short, if you're having trouble with the wizard, tell us and you could win a free month of service!  We believe so strongly in our product that the site you're viewing now is actually running using . So if you like this site, you can implement the same technology quickly and easily.

In fact, if you can type, you can use !

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